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Command center of Smart devices


The SmartDGM App is the command center for all SmartDGM devices.
Thanks to the unique All-in-One design, from now on you do not need to install many applications to support different types of devices.
Smart camera, Smart bulb or Smart power plug can be controlled from one Smart App.

Smart possibilities


What can our Application? Maybe a lot and even more.
Adding devices to the SmartDGM system is simple and intuitive and, above all, it will only take you a minute. Simple, legible style of device management in the Application does not require any training or experience.

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Our mission


The mission of SmartDGM devices is to make your life easy
From now on, you can create a work schedule for the electrical objects surrounding you. All you need is a Smart power socket or a Smart power strip so you can schedule the time of switching on or off the other device connected to them. Whether it’s a night light or a lights on a Christmas tree, set the day and time when it should go on and when it goes out.

Scenarios that will make your life easier


Thanks to the possibility of creating automatic action scenarios, we can build unique operating schemes for our Smart devices. We can make the device work according to time, weather, sunrise / sunset.
The operation can also be triggered by other Smart devices, eg an opening sensor that detects opening the door will cause the bulb to light up


Voice control


The SmartDGM App works with the App of Voice Assistants: Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.
From now on, you can turn on the light in the kitchen with your voice. This solution will bring a whole new quality to your life.

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